Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyer

Beatings, threats, insults, humiliations … Even when confronted with all this in their own home, Russians do not go to the police. Some do not want to wash dirty linen in public, others how much in vain they blame only themselves for everything, but mostly women simply do not believe that they will be helped until their husband kills anyone and does not cause anyone serious injuries. So what's the deal? Why the police practically does not struggle with domestic violence? You should hire a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer.


It was decided by the Consortium of Women's Non-Governmental Unions to clarify this by interviewing directly the law enforcement officials at the US Institute for the Training of Internal Affairs Officers : mainly district police officers and department heads over 35 years of age and with at least 10 years experience took part in the survey. So, is the problem of domestic violence common in our country? This was the first question asked by survey participants, and more than 70% of them admitted that this is a very sensitive question for Los Angeles women. Contact family law firm Land Legal Group in Los Angeles to help with your domestic violence case.